Relanzan trabajos de Death in June

Están siendo relanzados tres discos del proyecto de Douglas P., Death in June. Los discos en cuestión son Abandon Tracks! del 2004, Alarm Agents (compuesto en conjunto con Boyd Rice) del mismo año y Scorpion Wind (también con el viejo Boyd), de 1996.
Los tracklists de los discos son los siguientes:
Abandon Tracks!:
01. The Concrete Fountain
02. The Only Good Neighbor
03. 13 Years of Carrion
04. Burn Again
05. My Black Diaries
06. Punishment Initiation
07. We Said Destroy
08. Europa Rising
09. Rocking Horse Night
10. Death of a Man
11. Passion! Power!! Purge!!!
12. My Black Diary
13. In Sacrilege
14. Many Enemies Bring Much Honour
15. Unconditional Armistice
16. Europa: The Gates of Heaven and Hell

Alarm Agents:
01. Untouchable
02. Black Sun Rising
03. You Love the Sun
04. Tears of the Hunted
05. You Love the sun, Don’t You?
06. Storm on the Sea (Out Beyond Land)
07. You Love the Sun and the Moon
08. Summer Is Gone
09. Deeper Than Love
10. An Ancient Tale Is Told
11. Are You Out There (Dornier 17 Mix)
12. Sunwheels of Your Mind
13. Get Used to Saying No!
14. Symbols in Souls
15. An Ancient Tale is Told Again
16. The Man Who Laughs
17. We’re All a Liffle Afraid
18. Boyd’s Gift

Scorpion Wind:
01. Love Love Love (Equilibirium)
02. Preserve Thy Loneliness
03. In Vino Veritas
04. Paradise of Perfection
05. Roasted Cadaver
06. The Cruelty of the Heavens
07. There Is No More Sleep
08. Some Colossus
09. The Path of the Cross
10. Never
11. Message
12. Funeral for 3
13. A Toast